Socially India Included Foundation (SIIF) was born in an attempt to move India towards inclusive growth that doesn’t leave behind large sections of the society. We are a group of passionate people wanting to make a change and work towards an inclusive India. The place of birth, family, or under-developed mind or physical disability are not to highlight lesser or higher humanity. Same way economic standing in society does not rank you on terms of humanity. It means that a person rich by birth is not a better human being, nor a person with lower intellectual capability a lesser human being.

Our goal is to work towards bridging the gap between haves and have-nots, not just in economic terms, but also in social and cultural areas as well. We will work towards removing prejudices of caste, language, gender and physical capability from entry points in education and workplace. We will empower and enable the underprivileged through education and industry involvement.

Our Mission and Objectives:

The Socially India Included Foundation (SIIF) is building on the mission to ensure education of all in a focused way to enable them to behave with everyone in the country, inclusively.

The critical areas that the Foundation wants to keep focus on:

1. Education with inclusiveness perspective for all.

2. Employment and careers to be gainful and sustainable, growing inclusively.

3. Policies for the governance influenced to make appropriate interventions for developing, maintaining, and growing inclusion in society, in government operations, in industry, and in families at large.

4. Health and Environment interventions that impact and cause harmony amongst the people.


Next Steps...

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